UK Trading Standards

The Trading Standards Institute is a government body that works to protect the public from unfair and unsafe trading practices. They enforce a wide range of criminal laws which are implemented to protect consumers, general public and honourable businesses, and provide advice to consumers who have problems with goods or services they have bought. The Institute’s offices are located across the United Kingdom and run by each local county council.

To prevent businesses from taking advantage of consumers, Trading Standards enforces regulations all across the UK. They are usually created by local authorities and councils in various areas across the country and assist their respective businesses and consumers. They do this by ensuring that products sold by businesses are of a satisfactory quality to their consumers to promote a healthy and prosperous economy in the UK. Factors for ‘satisfactory quality’ products include whether the product is fit for the purpose that it was advertised for and whether the product matches the seller’s description of it.

Trading standards departments also promote and encourage businesses to use sustainable and renewable materials and methods in their products to protect the environment.