Consumer Advice

Below is a list of tips and information that Trading Standard departments try to advise to consumers when you are buying or selling products:

  • Price and packaging are good indicators as to the standard of quality of a product. Check for any spelling mistakes or careless packaging as this is a possible indicator for a counterfeit or unsatisfactory product
  • It is preferable to buy your products from respected sellers such as supermarkets. Overly cheap products sold on the street are a possible sign of a stolen or defective good
  • Do not buy expensive goods from a street vendor, they may be more expensive at retail but you are guaranteed protection if they are defective
  • Always keep your receipt, especially for expensive products
  • Be wary of buying food at street vendors or other back-alley areas; they may not pass the health and safety checks and could cause you serious harm if you consume them
  • When buying DVDs or videogames, always check the box for a sign of genuine quality. Some may contain holograms to prove this
  • Always buy jewellery from a reliable source to avoid paying for a fake product

Trading Standards departments also emphasise the caveat emptor (buyer beware) principle to consumers. They encourage the public to use their common sense in that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.