How Trading Standards Help the Public

Trading standards departments are keen to promote knowledge amongst the community on how to be a wise consumer and seller. Websites from these councils provide citizens a wealth of information and advice that aims towards knowledge of how to prevent and avoid illegal trade in the local community. There are several ways the councils will promote this information and this includes:

  • Offering advice packs and leaflets on how to be a responsible and clever consumer
  • Having a FAQ section on their websites that allows the public to have quick and easy access to any questions they may have
  • A list of approved businesses and traders in the local community
  • Useful contacts for businesses and consumers if they feel their rights have been breached

Advice to the public is key factor in trading standards departments as it allows them to make their own decisions and keeps them wary of illegal activity in the business world. Vulnerable parties such as the elderly or the disabled need to be informed the most as they are the most likely targets in unfair trade. By educating the general public with tips to avoid illegal trade, the department hopes to prevent the issue from increasing in the future. The public with the information will know how to take of themselves both as a businessperson and as consumer.